Chetak Festival Sarangkheda - 8th December to 29th December 2022

Water Sports

Jet Ski

Splash and speed, discover a whole new level of fun with Jet Ski as you venture into the River Tapi for some aquatic thrill.

Paddle Boat

Explore the river with a Paddle Boat where you not only enjoy beautiful sights but discover the essentials of being in sync to move ahead.

Speed Boat

Enjoy the thrilling ride when the cool river air hits you, and you feel your pulse quicken as the river surface gets sliced with speed.

Banana Boat

Feel the rush of speed as you and your friends maintain your balance on the Banana Boat that’s pulled with a motor boat across the river.

Kayaking Activity

Navigate the river in the soul-stirring adventure that is the Kayaking experience, a sport that requires both passion and determination.