Saddle Up for a Fun Ride

Imagine a sport that involves sitting 5 feet high in the air atop an animal hurling at a jump of 40 kilometres an hour, while you have to be in tune with your 1000 pounds teammate and constantly communicating not with words but subtle body movements. Horse Riding is not just a sport or a hobby…it’s a quest of chasing the winds and living free. Enjoyed across the globe, this thrilling sport has many benefits attached to it. So here are five reasons why you should take up Horse Riding.

  1. Fitness-From Hoof to Head
    Horse Riding is an excellent form of physical exercise. Riding a horse for 45 minutes at a walk, trot and canter can burn up to 200 calories. While horse riding different type of muscles including abdominal, thigh, upper back, and arm muscles -all work to ensure to put you in an upright, balanced position. This helps in increasing the flexibility of body muscles.Along with being a physical exercise, it is also a very good mental exercise. It also lets you connect to the nature, hence a complete exercise for mind, body & soul.
  1. Confidence that Soars Up High
    Riding a horse also gives you a sense of confidence. It allows you to become more confident in yourself by handling a huge animal properly. It also helps you learn how to harness your fears, teaching you the importance of rising back again after every time you fall to achieve something great in life.
  1. Responsibility- Building Stable Relationships
    Horse Riding teaches you to build a connection with your equine partner. It teaches you empathy, love, and care which are the most beautiful feelings in this world. Taking care of an animal comes with great responsibility. The riding lessons turn riders into compassionate, and more understanding individuals. It’s no longer ‘all about me’ but it’s about the bond between the horse and rider.
  1. Goal Setting Skills- Get. Set. Gallop
    Learning horse riding is a step by step process where the horseback riders must understand that before they are able to learn how to jump, first they must perfect keeping their balance at the sitting trot, then the canter, then over poles placed on the ground. Likewise, with anything that you want to achieve in life, goals need to be set to be able to reach the desired result.
  1. Self-Belief & Dedication- Keep Riding

Every day is a new challenge when you learn Horse Riding. Dedication is what you need. There will be days when things go wrong, but the days when it goes fantastically well make up for the bad ones. If you keep your focus on your realistic goals anything is possible. Horse Riding teaches you to believe in yourself.