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Inside The Sarangkheda Festival

Imagine a festival dedicated entirely to the best horses in the country – horses that can race, rear and even dance. Sarangkheda festival at Shahada Taluka is as magnificent as it gets.

An unknown genius described riding as ‘the art of keeping a horse between you and the ground’. If that is so, the riders at Sarangkheda Chetak Festival have not only mastered the art, they have created new innovations. The village hosting this festival is located 7 hours away from Mumbai in northern Maharashtra but the road trip is worth it to feed one’s fascination for horses.

Spread over 20 acres, the stalls holding horses of every pattern and colour seem endless. In the morning, many of the horses were busy feeding from bags hung over their faces. Their coats shone in the winter sun and I wanted to stroke every single one of their glossy manes. The festival is open to stallions, mares, colts and fillies which compete in different categories and competitions like races and beauty contests.