Horse Activities

Horse Dance Show

With grace in every prance, the Horse Dance Show is a chance to witness the beautifully adorned horses sway in tune to melodious rhythms.

Horse Race

The wind is their only competition, when a horse races, feel your adrenaline shoot up with the sound of its hooves, on a race track.

Horse Display & Breeding Information

Get to know what goes behind breeding a horse, the lineage, the hard-work and the love that’s needed to raise this amazing being.

Horse Photo Gallery

Captured in all their glory, the gallery offers a glimpse into the best breeds that represent India’s equestrian pride.

Horse Show Competition

Witness magnificent equestrians from across India showing off their brilliance as they compete for your admiration and the prestigious award.

Horse Buggy Ride

Time travel isn’t possible, but with a leisurely Horse Buggy Ride at Sarangkheda it will seem so. Enjoy scenic views, rustic paths, the rhythm of hooves, and the leisurely pace from a time long gone.

Tent Pegging

Get a taste of what riding used to be with this ancient sport where riders gallop across a straight course with a sword or lance to pick a wooden/cardboard peg stuck in the ground.