Chetak Festival Sarangkheda
Chetak Festival Sarangkheda

Chetak Festival

It's a way of life

Chetak Festival is the oldest festival of Horses in India, it believes conservation and promotion of welfare of horses. To celebrate this unique bond, Maharashtra Tourism and Chetak Festival, Sarangkheda have come together to chronicle the story of 7 Stud Farms in Maharashtra. Chetak Festival Starts from 12th Dec to 8th Jan 2019 and has luxurious stay, horse activities and adventure activities.

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What's in Chetak Festival For You

Chetak Festival is not just a place for gallant spirits, but an absolute getaway for you and your loved ones! Explore a rustic lifestyle, with thrilling activities on land and water. Rejoice away from the hustle and bustle of the city amidst the beauty of nature and take home a new story of India.

Horse Riding




Jet Ski

To know more about Chetak Festival Call us at +91-9624096208, Or You can also book your stay at Chetak village here