Chetak Festival Sarangkheda - 8th December to 29th December 2022

Adventure Activities

Quad Biking

Location: At Festival

Enjoy the thrill of speed on Quad Biking as you steer on dirt-filled trails, rugged roads and the ups and downs of a rustic terrain.


Paintball Activity

Location: At Tent City

When its war time with friends and family, the best way to settle the dispute is to opt for a high-energy paintball match.


Archery Activity

Location: At Festival

A sure aim, a clear target and the thrill of shooting on the bull's eye, archery is a fantastic sport for those who appreciate the perks of focus.

Star Gazing

Stare into the mesmerising night sky that enchants you with the millions of twinkling stars in the serene environs of nature.

Horse Trail Ride / Safari

Experience the power and the glory of riding this majestic being as it trots royally on a scenic trail.