Chetak Festival Sarangkheda - 8th December to 29th December 2022

About Sarangkheda

The Rustic Locale, The Ideal Abode

Cut off from Maharashtra until 1957, the Sarangkheda Village and other villages in the north of the Tapi River were later connected to the rest of the state through the construction of a bridge. Located in the Nandurbar district, 397 kilometres from Mumbai, Sarangkheda was the center of horse trading for centuries together. From the Nizams to farmers, from warriors to traders, Sarangkheda attracted people from all walks of life to buy horses. With its close proximity to the Tapi River, the location happened to be an excellent choice for animals that need to be cared for during the fair. The village of Sarangkheda is also known for its Datta Mandir that is almost 100 years old. It is believed that idol of Datta has been brought from Mahur in Nanded district. With its natural beauty intact, the simplicity of the locale and the grandeur of the fair is a beautiful contrast from the mundane urban life.